Friday, August 5, 2011

1984 Fleer Glenn Hubbard

Possibly one of the most unique baseball cards ever, Glenn Hubbard's 1984 Fleer issue is an automatic inclusion into any celebration of the best gumcards in history.  Coming off a season in 1983 in which he posted perhaps his best season, smashing 12 homeruns and earning an All-Star game berth, Hubbard's 1984 Fleer card tops even that.  Forgoing the traditional batting pose or awaiting a line drive fielding stance typical of most baseball cards up to the time, Hubbard is grinning ear to ear with a huge boa constrictor snake wrapped around his neck and across his shoulders.  As if that were not enough, the Philly Phanatic mascot makes an appearance in the background distance over Hubbard's left shoulder and Barney Rubble from The Flintstone's off to his right shoulder.  Apparently, in the early 80's there would be an annual birthday bash for the Philly Phanatic and the word is that they were an all-out celebration, typically held on a Sunday home game.  So it can be ascertained that this card captures a moment from the 1983 bash at Veteran's Stadium.  Throw in the technicolor stadium seats, the Atlanta vintage powder blue uniform of the 1980's and it's pretty difficult to top this card.

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